Bucket List

My dreams and wishes which i hope to be fulfilled.
1. Put on weight. If you have any tips, let me know.
2.Redecorate my room.
3. Continue growing in faith.
4. Get my very own camera and a new phone.
5. Get press attention and get headlined on the front of a magazine or a newspaper.
6. Gain more lovely readers and followers
7. Finish school and start my own career.
8. Partake in many national contests and learn new things as well win.
9. Love people more.
10. Get people to accept me for who i am and develop a better personality.
11. Get someone like Tavi Gevison or any other famous blogger to leave a comment.
12. Interview a high personality such as Lecrae or Saleisha Stowers or even Joselyn Dumas.
13. Get a 1000 followers on twitter, 700 on bloglovin and 800 via GFC. Goodluck to me.
14. Get brands to come to me for product reviews.
15. Get a professional web designer to request to design my blog for free in return for backlinks on his or her blog.
16. Become a professional designer myself and design my own blog.
17. Develop my fashion style.
18. See myself and my bio on wikipedia written by a huge fan.
19. Never give up on school, my blog or God.
20. Be nice to other bloggers, read their posts, reply to their emails and comments and visit their spaces even when i acheive my aim of becoming really successful. Readers and followers make me feel successful but what is their use if you finallly get them and ignore them?
I will be adding more as they come! x

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