Wednesday, 31 July 2013


At times, i just don't know the exact words to use to describe what i feel. Sometimes i am happy, other times i am sad. Or maybe just moody.
If it is of any significance, then you should know this was not the initial title of this post. It was initially titled ''Savings, Weight Gain And First Letters'' but this post is more than that and taking the computer going off as a sign that the title is indeed not right, i changed it to simply ''Thoughts''.
I guess i am a fan of Tavi Gevinson. I mean, yes, i do not agree with all her thoughts but i find her to be very talented. There are times when i wish i could be as famous as her but i know it won't happen right now. Besides, i know fame comes with end of privacy. Tavi herself said in one of her posts that she now keeps a journal to put down the private stuff that she can't share on her little blob anymore. And in my understanding, the journal is as a result of the fact that the whole world is watching her now. Today, i just want to pretend to be like her, to share my thoughts just like she did when she was only 11 and took the computer and just started typing away.
Lately, i have been a bit confused. I think i may be stressed out a bit *due to a lot of thinking*. I have very important exams to write next year April which would take me from Juniour High to Senior High. I want to go to a school of my choice and not get dumped in some other school. I am not saying that other schools are not of any good but getting your preference is always great.I just got myself a new timetable which will be effective from tomorrow. I realize that i procrastinate a bit(okay a lot) but it being a sin, i am trying to avoid it. By God's grace if i do live to see tomorrow, i hope to keep to it. I need to study hard to achieve my aims and i want to concentrate only on God, my studies, family and a little time for my blogs too. No other things. That means that i will work less often on this blog or any other blog i have for that matter. I have realized that i am neglecting my other blog(which is a writing blog) so when i do come online, i will try and get time for it.

Also, i realize that i am slowly getting addicted to twitter or maybe i already am so i am going to delete my twitter account. (No going back on this. Fingers crossed* How do you do that by the way? Is it the normal finger crossing?*) Besides, i don't have time to manage it right now. Or maybe i might not. I hope i don't change my mind on deleting it because i know it is going to benefit me. Tomorrow, vacation classes begins. To be honest, i think i am considered a fashion disaster in school. Maybe even a dork. So i am playing fashion safe from now on and going for simple looks that are still stylish. And TBH, i kinda like simple stylish. I hope to make use of the classes fully and to look good every single day. Is that a silly thought?
Also, i want to put on weight before school reopens. I don't want to get fat but i want to look slightly chubby. Not ''chubby chubby'' but i just want to look slightly more heavy. No explanations. All i can say is personal reasons.

For the ''first letters'' stuff, it has to do with a mail i got. One early evening, my dad went to family mailbox and came back with a letter for me. It contained a card which Kelly Michelle of ArtByKelly had sent me. She had sent it around May and i got it in late July. *Can you believe it???* Anyway, i got very excited because it was my first letter/mail ever from abroad! If you were in my shoe, you would have reacted the same way. I was like jabbering and....... All i want to say is thank you Kelly for your awesome mail. P.S It looks even better in life than in this picture and it even comes with two slips, one pink and one blue with her very own trademark. 
Unfortunately, i put it in a wet bag and the card tore on the top. I felt very bad and i am sorry Kelly. My fault. :( However, the slips are okay and i will treasure them forever. :) I will take care of mails better from now on though.
Lastly, i want to share another new thing on with me. I am saving, every little coin left from the day and after a while, i will change them to notes and use them to buy personal stuff(generally new clothes, shoes and accessories) and much more personal personal stuff which i won't mention because some girls might find it embarassing. Hint hint, I don't feel shy writing it but i feel shy saying it out loud. Guess what?
Maybe you found this post boring, that is, if you are not very much into writing or reading. However, i love comments and would love to hear your views so please do share your thoughts and feel free to recommend products you would like me to review. Plus, outfit posts coming up so stay in touch. Have a blessed week! Toodles,  

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

20 things i want to do before turning 20!

I have many dreams and below are 20 things i would love to do before turning 20.
1. Get more than 500 readers on bloglovin, 600 via GFC and 800 on twitter.
2. Gain more weight
3. Get a best friend in real life
4. Get an online bestie
5. Get the Holy Spirit
6. Interview famous personalities
7. Go on a tv show or host one
8. Get headlined in or on the front of a newspaper or magazine
9. Get loads of requests from brands asking for product reviews
10. Send and receive products and gifts to and from other bloggers
11. Be a nicer person
12. Make it clear to my parents that i respect them and value them even though they doubt it.
13. Finish school and start the Unniversity/college.
14. Find new blogs and manage to reply to all comments even when mine is big.
15. Redecorate my room
16. Post videos of me singing
17. Post beauty and fashion tutorials on video
18. Do a ''what's in my purse'' haul and ''closet'' haul
19. Settle all disagreements and make people understanding blogging is not as stupid as they think
20. Get people to accept me for who i am
Have i mentioned anything that you also want to acheive? Thanks for reading! x,

Short Message

Before anything, let me just say i would love it if you could tweet me @meetthegirl14.*Hoping to hear from you soon* :)
Well hello, what's new with you all?! I feel great today and i am sorry i couldn't post anything yesterday and on Monday. Tomorrow is fun day which is celebrated in school to mark vacation/end of a term. It is populary known as ''our day'' and i will be sure to tweet pics and enjoy myself a lot!
I don't really have much to say but i will be tweeting a lot on my twitter page so be sure to check it out. Today will just be resting, and having fun. But i will be studying on weekdays from next week and will only post, reply to comments(if hopefully by then, there will be any) and then maybe tweet as well as follow new blogs and twitter profiles on weekends from next week. And hey, you like my picture? It didn't come out too well. Shout outs to a great artist. I finally received the friendship card she sent in May(my bad *sorry*) and it is so gorgeous! Here's her shop link! Bye and have a great night! x

Sunday, 21 July 2013


We don't always get it right. I don't. Sometimes, i get it wrong and sometimes, my look can be described in one word: Fabulous. Here is my list of 10 fashion faux pas to help you avoid common fashion mistakes.
                                                                  [Good fit]
1. Bad fit-I usually commit this mistake but not anymore. From now on, it is my fit and that is how it should be.Make sure your clothing fits you well and that it's not too large or too small.
2. Wrong colour choice- Colour is a pop of beauty and if you are thin, go for bright colours like pinks and yellows and if you are more on the chubby side, go for dull but strong colours like purples and blues. Teals and greens are suitable for both shapes. If you are medium--sized, lucky you. You can rock them all!
                                                    [Kinda working but slightly too much teal]
3. Too much going on- Accessories are cool but don't overdo them. They must match with what you are wearing and must be for your age group.

4. Bad mix-Too bright colours don't work well together and too dull colours also don't work together. Don't wear only one colour and make sure that both colours match. Light pink with a little yellow, purple with a bit red, Brown with yellow, teal with white, orange with dark green, think wide. But don't over-do it.
                                                             [although it is cute, don't wear it]
5.Super high stiletto's- The fact that you saw a celeb wearing it doesn't mean you should go get one. High stilettos have negative effects on you medically.
                                                         [Good trick]-try other colours
6. Wrong shade- Sometimes, it's not the colour you are doing wrong. It is the shade. The shade of whatever you have on be it clothes, shoes or bags must compliment your skin tone.
[Go for slightly shorter ones]                                                   
7. I am short so i were only super high heels- This perspective is wrong. If you are short and you were really high heels, you end up looking shorter. Wear medium-length heels and avoid very long dresses.
  [right way]
8. Sunglasses in the dark- When you are not outside and are inside, wearing sunglasses is ridiculous.

9. Leaving a hairstyle on for too long- This is not cool. Make sure to switch hairstyles often but no too often.
                                                                   [she's happy]
10. Not sure about my outfit-Be 100% happy in your outfit always(and sure about the whole thing put together)- Otherwise, you will end up feeling down and other will put you down!
You are beautiful! Believe it! Thanks for reading! x,

True Blue Spa

  source[order here]

Hiya, i thought i might review something i have had for a long time now. It is the true blue spa [paraffin] lotion. This hand lotion is a super softening one and smells like orange according to my dad. I don't have a good sense of smell and all i can tell is if it smells good or not but my dad *who has a cold* can tell exactly what smell it is. *Poor me* [haha]
Producers say: Paraffin locks in essential moisture to keep skin soft, smooth and super protected. But spa-savvy you already knew that, didn't you? The softening hand lotion also includes moisturizing Olive, Avocado and Apricot Oils plus antioxidant vitamin E.
Me, i love natural products and this one is all natural! And hey, i think they have a registed quote for this lotion[ Look ma, new hands]. or maybe not? I am sure of it.
To intensify the treatment of softening hands, you put on ultra conditioning gel gloves for twenty minutes or overnight. I have never tried it but it is a SPA SECRET of True Blue Spa.
Every day( or after washing off food or anything from you hands), you slather on a generous amount of this lotion for super soft hands. And because it is very small in size, you can send it anywhere, to church, to a school or even to a party. Plus, the colours of the packaging are so cute and girly. The dominating colour is pink with a touch of teal in the middle and all inscriptions are in white. The cover is also white.
This hand lotion is not to be tested on animals and has never been tested on animals. It is distributed for True Blue Spa by Bath & Body Works. Keep on doing your great work[True Blue Spa & Bath and Body Works]!
Address: 503 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Have you ever tried it? It smells very good and i don't think it is very expensive although i didn't buy it and got it from my aunt. Hope you liked this review and be sure to share your thoughts through a comment.

Saturday, 20 July 2013


                                                 Source[Order @ source]
Hello girlies, how are we doing? Hope you are great. I am feeling a bit sleepy and i have done two posts today already but i want to publish this last one for the day.
There are a lot of moisturizers around and some are fake and don't work any magic at all. Some are great though and my favourites so far is Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter, EverSheen Cocoa Butter, and Pamela Cocoa Butter. I have tried all and the current lotion i am using is JERGENS NATURAL GLOW, made in USA and distributed by Kao Canada inc. It is almost finished and i am not sure if i will get some to buy but i wish i could because i love it!
My dad's friend(more like my uncle) brought it from Canada or UK(not exactly sure) for my dad. In my family, we share almost everything even though we argue a lot and sometimes don't want to share.
I love using new stuff and i am not afraid of trying something out. It was the packaging that first got my attention. It is gold and brown with black and white inscription[I have the one on the right side-the last but one]. Usually, i don't like brown but their shade is awesome. And guess what? It's natural.
It has no bad odour unlike some other toners. It smells really good and although i can't tell exactly what scent it is, i know it smells like perfume or a sweet flower. It is not very strong so sensitive people around you won't get affected by it or get any reactions.
Producers say: Jergens Natural GlowTM creates a colour that's gradual, flawless and captivating. You'll experience natural-looking colour that's streak-free, hassle-free and now has no sunless tanner odour.
This lotion is for external use only and if eye contact occurs, you rinse thoroughly with water. It must not be used on broken skin. Discontinue use if skin irritation or reaction occurs and since it does not contain sunscreen, you must apply one after using it. Otherwise, you would rather be exposed to quick skin-aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects even if you do not burn.
You must use it between 12 months after opening and use daily after opening. Wash hands after application and allow to dry. You see changes in colour after several days.
The only problem i have with Jergens Natural Glow is that it is not quite a lot in its bottle-like plastic containers and it is not being advertised that much in Africa. I hope i will get one to buy though. If you have any questions, visit for answers and help. Thanks for reading and be sure to tweet me @meetthegirl14 on twitter and follow via Bloglovin. xoxo,

Everyday Beauty Secrets That Totally Work!

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[Courtesy Of Images: Google Images]
Hello dolls, i hope you are not offended by me calling you that. Dolls are pretty and so are you. :) Um.....we all want to feel and look pretty, at least i do. Everyone girl/woman is beautiful in her own way. Maybe you are not as gorgeous as the girl next door and just maybe you are really a plain old Jane but that doesn't make you inferior or ugly. Sometimes, i get called that and i don''t really reply anymore and i stare deep into the person's eyes. Such comments don't make me angry anymore. At first, it used to hurt a lot but i know i am pretty in my own little way and i just ignore bad comments. I say do the same because you here my young lady(or seriously you are a guy and reading this;are you that desperate) are very beautiful in your own little way! Now you may be thinking, yeah yeah yeah, i have heard that many times and i know it is true but i just need some new beauty tips to try out. Well.........i am going to help out. These are beauty secrets that people don't really value and some of them you may have heard before. Before i continue, cross your fingers and promise you won't spill any of the beauty secrets that i am letting out of my bag! :)
                                                                           #Tip 1

Beauty Sleep is important- Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep to reduce eye bags and to feel more refreshed and energetic.
                                                                         #Tip 2

Exercise- It could be jogging, a simple walk or an extreme train up. If you want to lose weight, i suggest going to the gym but you can try jogging for like 1-2 hours every morning. However, don't overwork yourself.
                                                                            #Tip 3

Brush Brush Brush- Brush your teeth twice daily for a healthy beautiful set of teeth. Does that rhyme? I guess. Me and my poor literary skills. :(
                                                                               #Tip 4

Aloe Vera Works-Aloe Vera works! I don't know what it does exactly because people say it doesn't help with pimples but all i know is that i tried it for three days in a row and it worked magic! Maybe you can try it. You can grow the natural one somewhere in your garden and in the morning, you pluck one, open it up, take the thick gel-like juice and gently rub on face. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then you wash it off. Do it for three-four days, pause for three-four days and then begin again. The number of days depends on you actually but make sure the number of days you do it is the same number of days you pause. And about that, i kinda broke that rule which is why i suddenly 5-7 zits/pimples or whatever they are again. Aloe vera time! :)
                                                                       #Tip 5

Shower twice daily- For fresh, young, healthy-looking skin. Make sure to shave too and shower hair frequently.
                                                                        #Tip 6
Now let's move to body lotion/butter- Apply daily after showering and towel drying for smooth shiny skin.You can get one with sunscreen or buy them both seperately. Try not to change your body cream too often.Also, use deodorant and perfume so you smell good!
#Tip 7

Avoid Excessive makeup- Try to actually avoid it. Using makeup when you are still an early teen makes you age quickly. Use makeup only on special occasions and even then, try to stick to lipstick/lipgloss and mascara. Concealer, eye shadow and foundation are not good for you. If you still want to use foundation, try powder. They do the same trick but powder is much healthier for your skin. On normal days, use a little lip gloss to brighten up your face.
#Tip 8

Keep hair and nails trimmed- Always make sure your hair and nails are very neat and trimmed.
#Tip 9

Get an acne control cream- Only when your acne is very serious. Some acne control creams have side effects so see your dermatologist first. If you acne is mild, stick to the natural tips such as the aloe vera face mask.(Tip 4)
#Tip 10
Perm hair once in a while to soften it. See a hair stylist/hair dresser for more information on it.
#Tip 11
Eat a balanced diet- I hate vegetables but i am starting to eat them now because i know they are good for me so make sure your diet is full of vegies and fruits!
#Tip 12
Avoid taking alcohol or doing drugs- Even models know this! The fact that you are 18+ doesn't mean you should compromise your health and beauty!
#Tip 13
Drink a lot of water- Take a lot of water so your body stays hydrated and for good blood circulation, etc(you know the scientific aspect right?)
#Tip 14

Cucumber, now that is one vegetable i am starting to like- I have never tried this before but everyone knows it. A slice of cucumber can help with eye bags. You put them on your eye lids, relax/lie down and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
#Tip 15

Inner Beauty SHINES on the outside- Be nice, laugh, be happy and smile at the world!
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any beauty tips, tips to improve this blog, any ideas,general tips and advice, etc. Love,

Welcome note.

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Hi and thanks for taking a bit of your time to visit my little ''space'' here. My name is Naana, 14 years of age and i love almost everything from fashion, beauty and pretty things to books and writing and even dancing even though i am a dance klutz. Averagely, i guess i am a good singer.
This blog is as a result of my frequent inspirations. I am always starting over and creating new blogs but i am still going to run my other blog (which is this time and not delete as usual and i hope to work out time for both.
This blog is going to be my sole space but if you have any ideas for this blog, let me know and i might consider it.
The topics on this blog will vary but they will all relate to fashion and beauty. Some categories would be
*Looks Reviews
* Hauls
*Shopping on a budget
*Beauty Tips
*Beauty Quotes
*Profiles of bloggers/famous people
*Interviews with personalities
Hope you enjoy this blog as much as i hope to! x