Sunday, 21 July 2013


We don't always get it right. I don't. Sometimes, i get it wrong and sometimes, my look can be described in one word: Fabulous. Here is my list of 10 fashion faux pas to help you avoid common fashion mistakes.
                                                                  [Good fit]
1. Bad fit-I usually commit this mistake but not anymore. From now on, it is my fit and that is how it should be.Make sure your clothing fits you well and that it's not too large or too small.
2. Wrong colour choice- Colour is a pop of beauty and if you are thin, go for bright colours like pinks and yellows and if you are more on the chubby side, go for dull but strong colours like purples and blues. Teals and greens are suitable for both shapes. If you are medium--sized, lucky you. You can rock them all!
                                                    [Kinda working but slightly too much teal]
3. Too much going on- Accessories are cool but don't overdo them. They must match with what you are wearing and must be for your age group.

4. Bad mix-Too bright colours don't work well together and too dull colours also don't work together. Don't wear only one colour and make sure that both colours match. Light pink with a little yellow, purple with a bit red, Brown with yellow, teal with white, orange with dark green, think wide. But don't over-do it.
                                                             [although it is cute, don't wear it]
5.Super high stiletto's- The fact that you saw a celeb wearing it doesn't mean you should go get one. High stilettos have negative effects on you medically.
                                                         [Good trick]-try other colours
6. Wrong shade- Sometimes, it's not the colour you are doing wrong. It is the shade. The shade of whatever you have on be it clothes, shoes or bags must compliment your skin tone.
[Go for slightly shorter ones]                                                   
7. I am short so i were only super high heels- This perspective is wrong. If you are short and you were really high heels, you end up looking shorter. Wear medium-length heels and avoid very long dresses.
  [right way]
8. Sunglasses in the dark- When you are not outside and are inside, wearing sunglasses is ridiculous.

9. Leaving a hairstyle on for too long- This is not cool. Make sure to switch hairstyles often but no too often.
                                                                   [she's happy]
10. Not sure about my outfit-Be 100% happy in your outfit always(and sure about the whole thing put together)- Otherwise, you will end up feeling down and other will put you down!
You are beautiful! Believe it! Thanks for reading! x,

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