Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Short Message

Before anything, let me just say i would love it if you could tweet me @meetthegirl14.*Hoping to hear from you soon* :)
Well hello, what's new with you all?! I feel great today and i am sorry i couldn't post anything yesterday and on Monday. Tomorrow is fun day which is celebrated in school to mark vacation/end of a term. It is populary known as ''our day'' and i will be sure to tweet pics and enjoy myself a lot!
I don't really have much to say but i will be tweeting a lot on my twitter page so be sure to check it out. Today will just be resting, and having fun. But i will be studying on weekdays from next week and will only post, reply to comments(if hopefully by then, there will be any) and then maybe tweet as well as follow new blogs and twitter profiles on weekends from next week. And hey, you like my picture? It didn't come out too well. Shout outs to a great artist. I finally received the friendship card she sent in May(my bad *sorry*) and it is so gorgeous! Here's her shop link! Bye and have a great night! x

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