Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Control Your Acne


 Acne is something that every girl at some point in her life experiences. In rare cases though, some women have never had to deal with acne. If you are like me and get pimples and zits once in a while, then today is your lucky day because i am going to give tips on how to control your acne.
1.Eat well- I love groundnuts and magarine but too much of it is not good for your skin and can make you get acne. Also, try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. You can start with really basic ones such as bananna and carrots.
2. Shower- It helps to reduce the amount of germs on your face and the rate at which you get infections..
3. Protect your skin with sunscreen- Some body lotions contain sunscreen but if yours doesn't, you can just get one at a cosmetic shop.
4. Don't pop, touch or scratch face- It just makes your acne worse.
5. Avoid washing your face more than 3 times daily- Although it sounds like a great way to reduce your zits and pimples, the turth is that it makes your acne worse and may cause a skin reaction.
6. Aloe Vera works- The Natural Aloe Vera Plant is great and continious application of the gel in it helps to have a clearer face.
7. Myths Myths Myths- Know the facts from the truth. It is not every advice that is correct and so you must try to distinguish the facts from the myths. For example, the fact that toothpaste can help with acne control is a myth and actually baseless.
8. Cheap low quality make-up- Using cheap low quality makeup can cause a rapid increase of acne on your face and the best solution in my opinion is to not use makeup at all. You can just stick to lip gloss and mascara if you want. I only use lip gloss and add light mascara on special ocassions.
9. Get an acne control cream- I try to give only natural tips on my blog so i suggest a natural acne control cream. If carefully selected, you will experience no side effects. If you do however, have a reaction, quit use and try another one. The most important thing is to contact a dermatologist for advice on selecting a good acne control cream. Don't just walk into any pharmacy and buy whatever is on sale.
10. Don't freak out- Acne is completely natural and even though it takes time for you to rid yourself of it, it will go away!
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  1. Great post! There is always so many tips and things to get rid of spots, these are great :D I always swear by drinking more water if I notice a spot or two coming through, and making sure I don't touch my face!

    Jean XXX

    1. Having a clear face is really important to us girls :) That is another one thing we all have in common! And hey, thanks for the comment! Keep them coming because i love to hear views! x


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