Wednesday, 31 July 2013


At times, i just don't know the exact words to use to describe what i feel. Sometimes i am happy, other times i am sad. Or maybe just moody.
If it is of any significance, then you should know this was not the initial title of this post. It was initially titled ''Savings, Weight Gain And First Letters'' but this post is more than that and taking the computer going off as a sign that the title is indeed not right, i changed it to simply ''Thoughts''.
I guess i am a fan of Tavi Gevinson. I mean, yes, i do not agree with all her thoughts but i find her to be very talented. There are times when i wish i could be as famous as her but i know it won't happen right now. Besides, i know fame comes with end of privacy. Tavi herself said in one of her posts that she now keeps a journal to put down the private stuff that she can't share on her little blob anymore. And in my understanding, the journal is as a result of the fact that the whole world is watching her now. Today, i just want to pretend to be like her, to share my thoughts just like she did when she was only 11 and took the computer and just started typing away.
Lately, i have been a bit confused. I think i may be stressed out a bit *due to a lot of thinking*. I have very important exams to write next year April which would take me from Juniour High to Senior High. I want to go to a school of my choice and not get dumped in some other school. I am not saying that other schools are not of any good but getting your preference is always great.I just got myself a new timetable which will be effective from tomorrow. I realize that i procrastinate a bit(okay a lot) but it being a sin, i am trying to avoid it. By God's grace if i do live to see tomorrow, i hope to keep to it. I need to study hard to achieve my aims and i want to concentrate only on God, my studies, family and a little time for my blogs too. No other things. That means that i will work less often on this blog or any other blog i have for that matter. I have realized that i am neglecting my other blog(which is a writing blog) so when i do come online, i will try and get time for it.

Also, i realize that i am slowly getting addicted to twitter or maybe i already am so i am going to delete my twitter account. (No going back on this. Fingers crossed* How do you do that by the way? Is it the normal finger crossing?*) Besides, i don't have time to manage it right now. Or maybe i might not. I hope i don't change my mind on deleting it because i know it is going to benefit me. Tomorrow, vacation classes begins. To be honest, i think i am considered a fashion disaster in school. Maybe even a dork. So i am playing fashion safe from now on and going for simple looks that are still stylish. And TBH, i kinda like simple stylish. I hope to make use of the classes fully and to look good every single day. Is that a silly thought?
Also, i want to put on weight before school reopens. I don't want to get fat but i want to look slightly chubby. Not ''chubby chubby'' but i just want to look slightly more heavy. No explanations. All i can say is personal reasons.

For the ''first letters'' stuff, it has to do with a mail i got. One early evening, my dad went to family mailbox and came back with a letter for me. It contained a card which Kelly Michelle of ArtByKelly had sent me. She had sent it around May and i got it in late July. *Can you believe it???* Anyway, i got very excited because it was my first letter/mail ever from abroad! If you were in my shoe, you would have reacted the same way. I was like jabbering and....... All i want to say is thank you Kelly for your awesome mail. P.S It looks even better in life than in this picture and it even comes with two slips, one pink and one blue with her very own trademark. 
Unfortunately, i put it in a wet bag and the card tore on the top. I felt very bad and i am sorry Kelly. My fault. :( However, the slips are okay and i will treasure them forever. :) I will take care of mails better from now on though.
Lastly, i want to share another new thing on with me. I am saving, every little coin left from the day and after a while, i will change them to notes and use them to buy personal stuff(generally new clothes, shoes and accessories) and much more personal personal stuff which i won't mention because some girls might find it embarassing. Hint hint, I don't feel shy writing it but i feel shy saying it out loud. Guess what?
Maybe you found this post boring, that is, if you are not very much into writing or reading. However, i love comments and would love to hear your views so please do share your thoughts and feel free to recommend products you would like me to review. Plus, outfit posts coming up so stay in touch. Have a blessed week! Toodles,  


  1. Great Post. Thank you for adding my button. I will definitely add yours to my blog.

    1. Yaayyy my first comment ever! Whew, that was hard! Thank you for your comment and i am glad you liked my post! And about me adding your button, that's not a problem. Your button is very pretty and girly and i hope i see mine on yours soon although i must admit mine is not as nice. :( Anyway, hope to hear from you again! :)

  2. Hi:) I guess you deleted your other blog? I found your post interesting. Don't worry about being famous - that's not what counts in life. Just be you, follow God, and be a friend to anyone that needs a friend. And remember in heaven the last shall be first and the first shall be last! ~ Keturah :)

    1. Well yes, i deleted my blog. I didn't plan to but i just decided to do so and focus on this blog alone with the little spare time i get! And thank you for your advice. It is really difficult but i know i will make my way out victorious! x

    2. I'm sure you will:) Keturah


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