Friday, 9 August 2013

One Sunday...............

I took this picture one Sunday, quite a while ago but i have never really had the chance to do a post on it. So i am doing a quick post since i know i really lack fashion posts. I am doing casual with a little bit of style. It is very simple but i admit i like simple. In my eyes, it is simple stylish. You don't need to put together something outrageous to look good and unique. Just look for that inner style and always plan your outfit by yourself and then show it to someone later for opinion. The best person is your mom or dad. Brothers will just tell you they don't like it or it is okay. Nothing super super motivating. At least my brothers. But i still love them! I have fought with them a lot of time and even given them silent treatments but i want that to end and just be nice. Always have confidence in what you wear and if you commit a fashion disaster, move on. Don't let it put you down but encourage you to always look your best! I have been there and i know what i am saying!
p.s I don't know why the picture was ''tilted'' that way. :(
Accessories- Unknown
Bye for now! :) x


  1. I agree simple styles are the best. Also to me they must be comfortable too. If I'm stiff, and can't move then I'm never wearing that outfit again :)

    1. I am getting to like you more and more everyday! :)

  2. You are precious! I like your style but is is your smile makes me really smile :-)

    Greetings from a Dutch mom.


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