Thursday, 15 August 2013

Guest Post: Picks Of A Shoe Addict!

Hi bloggers, i don't allow guest posts on my little blob here but i made an exception and i sure don't regrett it because she is good at what she does! I did a guest post on hers too which you MUST check out!
Here we go:
Hello everyone, Naana came up with a brilliant idea for her to do a guest post on my blog, and me to do one on hers. My name is Talia, I am 15 and live in Wales, and I blog mostly about fashion here: I'd love it if you had a look at my blog!
Now I was wondering what to blog about and decided that seeing as my blog is called One Foot On The Style, it would be fitting to share with you a fantastic shoe website I have discovered and my favourite items from the site. It is called Lovely Wholesale ( )
and has a great range of shoes, from sandals to heels. So, here are my picks from each category:
Ankle Boots- $17.49
Grey Flats- $13.99
White Sandals- $18.49 
Blue Heels- $20.49
So which pair are your favourite? Comment and let me know. If you want the link for each item, just click on its description.
Tali x

Me: Talia is a great blogger and knows what she is about! And she has great taste! She asked about favourites. Mine are the first two! Be sure to let us know yours too! Thanks Talia!


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!
    I really love your blog; it's super pretty!
    I read your About Me page and I don't think Africa is scary! I've never been there, but I would love to go in the future. It's looks like a beautiful place.
    I followed your blog, and, I don't mean to beg or anyting or force you, but I would love if you followed my blog too! But you don't have to, I really like your blog! xox

    1. I have a rule to delete comments asking for follow backs but you seem to have followed not for a follow back but because you really like my blog. Whether you liking my blog is fake or not, I am going to make an exception. I will follow you when I come on the computer because I love your blog myself. At the time I commented, I was just blog hunting and commenting which is why I forgot to follow. I will probably follow via gfc. X

  2. I like the first best:) they look the most comfortable and realistic. Keturah

    1. I agree with you that the first is the nicest but I love the second one too. By the way, is it okay if we start emailing each other private emails just so we can get to know each other better?! It could be on anything at all!

    2. Sure I'd love that. I also like to write letters. My Mom and I share an email address at

    3. Thanks! I think my favourites are the blue heels :)

    4. Kenturah, i will pop you an email soon! x And Talia, thanks again for the guest post swap!

  3. Hey Naana, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Check it out Liebster Award

  4. I love it!
    i'm following you..
    Have a nice day


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