Wednesday, 24 July 2013

20 things i want to do before turning 20!

I have many dreams and below are 20 things i would love to do before turning 20.
1. Get more than 500 readers on bloglovin, 600 via GFC and 800 on twitter.
2. Gain more weight
3. Get a best friend in real life
4. Get an online bestie
5. Get the Holy Spirit
6. Interview famous personalities
7. Go on a tv show or host one
8. Get headlined in or on the front of a newspaper or magazine
9. Get loads of requests from brands asking for product reviews
10. Send and receive products and gifts to and from other bloggers
11. Be a nicer person
12. Make it clear to my parents that i respect them and value them even though they doubt it.
13. Finish school and start the Unniversity/college.
14. Find new blogs and manage to reply to all comments even when mine is big.
15. Redecorate my room
16. Post videos of me singing
17. Post beauty and fashion tutorials on video
18. Do a ''what's in my purse'' haul and ''closet'' haul
19. Settle all disagreements and make people understanding blogging is not as stupid as they think
20. Get people to accept me for who i am
Have i mentioned anything that you also want to acheive? Thanks for reading! x,


  1. I hope you achieve them! Number two made me chuckle, it's not often you see people who want to gain weight :)

    1. Thanks! And about the chuckling, don't worry, i get that a lot! I might cancel that out but friends have been telling me to accept my body the way it is.


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